Anaheim Fire Command Truck

  • The Truck that started the command vehicle revolution. Retired Deputy Chief Jeff Alario and 911Vehicle went back to the drawing board to rethink and revolutionize the Fire Chief Command Vehicle. Chief Alario wanted to move away from the standard command suburban of the past and look for a safer more functional solution

  • This new design which has been adopted by numerous agencies now throughout the country provides a clean cab, free from loose objects (BA Bottles, Pelican Cases, Fire Extinguisher) and also the contaminants from your turnouts are not confined to the rear shell.

  • 3 Motorola APX8500 All Band Dual Head Radios

  • Drone Direct Inputs to the 40” 4K HDTV

  • Wireless Printer

  • Dual Wireless Networks

  • Vertical Walls on both the driver and passenger side of the shell. Drivers side is for turnouts and structure fire gear, Passenger Side is for Wildland Fires including shovel mounted to a vertical wall and bolt cutters

operating Anaheim Fire.jpg
Anaheim fire showfloor 2.jpg