Rancho Cucamonga Fire Command Truck

2020 RAM 3500 Crew Cab Truck

  • 911Vehicle Custom Rear Command Module with 1,000lb slide at full extension

  • 40” 4K HDTV Monitor that flips up from rear command module giving you the ability to view off air HDTV reception, AppleTV, Drone Footage, and your MDC Info

  • Dedicated Rear MDC Monitor Mounted on a Swing Arm at the Drivers Side Rear of the Command to monitor Dispatch/CAD info

  • 4 Dual Head Radios with Intercom and Dedicated Transmit buttons

  • Color Coded LEDs per Radio Speaker at the rear command with flashing delay to identify which radio has traffic coming through

  • Go Light LED Search light with remote control mounted on the shell

  • Custom EZ Up Canopy with Storage