San Diego Fire Command Truck

2020 Ford F-350 Crew Cab Truck

  • 8 of these Command Trucks were delivered to the San Diego City Fire Department

  • Each vehicle included the 911Vehicle Custom Rear Command build out on a 1,000lb slide at full extension

  • Dual 21.5” Sunlight Readable Touch Screen LCD monitors in a fixed position, with an HDMI Matrix to switch between MDC Feed, AppleTV, Off Air HDTV, or additional HDMI Input at rear command for Drone or other input

  • 5 Dual Head Radios with dedicated speakers in drawers per radio and magnetic mic upgrade

  • Dedicated Headset Jack and Transmit Button at each rear radio head

  • Storage on passenger side of the shell for 4 BA bottles with strap

  • 10x10 EZ Up Canopy with Department Logos

  • In the cab they have widebody console with 5 radios heads, headset/intercom system on 4 radios

  • MDC, iPad Mount, 2 Hand Held Radio Chargers in the Console